Real Talk

First of all: Happy New Year!!

Now, with the pleasantries out of the way, and before I go in on these
unscrupulous thieves again (probably tomorrow) I just wanted to point you guys towards a radio interview that I did a few days ago with the good people over at Chicago’s MCMS Radio on the KODC show. The first part is on Soundcloud. Why? Well because “SME” otherwise known as Sony Music Entertainment filed a “copyright claim” (at least in my country) – on the first part of the interview – the frigging irony, right!?!?! Well you can’t censor me!!! image

Apologies about the quality of my call – it was via Skype and there was a time delay, but you should hear well enough.

Part 2 wasn’t taken down and so here it is on YouTube – this gets broader in scope and I cover a few more things that have proven, shall we say, irksome to me. The call quality is a bit better too.

Let me know what you guys think

More to come….



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